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Our mailing list will receive updates about new releases.
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Option 2: Our Discord Server

Our discord server has around 500 users.
It's a good place to receive updates (mute everything but announcements) or chat about our products in general. If you want the closest look at what we're doing, this is where we post small polls, screenshots of ongoing projects and such. Join our discord at

Option 3: Our Youtube channel

On YouTube we post tutorials, occasional devlogs and previews / demos of visuals.
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Option 4: Our Twitch channel

This is the channel we use the least... But we can be found using this channel to test new tech. We've had live demos before also. When a noteworthy event is planned, we'll tell about it in the other channels.
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What you can expect from us on social media

Our social media strategy is to be on point and communicate about facts and features about products, not opinions, rants or other random content. We also don't post content all day long, when we do post it should make sense. Because of this we don't advocate for networks where the only way is to consume content by an "algorithm", not allowing users to get a chronological view.

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