VZX Player Introduction

If you enjoy music, you'll love a music visualizer.

VZX Player "listens" (via recording the audio) to the music you play and visualizes it, regardless of music player. It works with - YouTube, Spotify, Tidal and others. This is what VZX Player looks like in action:

Click to watch the video

Effects pulsate with the beat, or build slowly with the intensity of the song adding details on the higher frequencies (like cymbals) and you add an extra dimension to music listening.

You can change speed and intensity of each visualization, making it more fitting to the music playing. Player also ships with many different visualization designs, so there's surely one for you to fall in love with.

Since VZX Player records via the default sound card mixer rather than being bound to any particular media player, you can also record from Line In. Connecting your computer to your TV and running VZX is great for parties!

VZX Player Graphical User Interface

Most visuals have a degree of customization, at least changing colors. Others have more options.

So what does it cost?

VZX Player with a basic complement of visuals is available for free.


Extra visual effects (optional) are available in packages of at least 8 for the price of a cup of coffee.

Where can I get it?

We distribute it through Steam. This ensures you always have the latest updates.


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